Will you beat a written offer from the big guys?

Yes, and if we can’t meet or beat the offer we will pay you $100. (1)

Do you buy more than just cars?

We buy cars, trucks & SUVs – no recreational vehicles at this time. Feel free to contact us with questions about your vehicle type.

I’m currently paying off a loan on my vehicle; can I sell it to Carvenience?

Absolutely, just sit back and let us handle it for you!! (2)

I can’t find the title; will you buy my car?

With our team of title specialists, we can provide proper documentation to help get the title and save you that painful chore (3)

Will you buy my car if I still owe on it?

All day long!

Do you buy cars in any condition, any year/model?

Almost! Currently we will purchase any car/truck/van/SUV with value up to $50,000.

My car isn’t registered, will you buy it?

Nope! We require that both title and current tag be registered to the selling party!

What are the out-of-pocket expenses with Carvenience?

Zip nada. Our low overhead means we don’t charge you to buy your car.

Do I have to accept your offer on the spot?

Mull it over, we understand, and within seven days of the online offer, schedule the inspection to finalize the purchase! (4)

(1) Disclaimer – the big guy’s offer must be valid, and the official offer must be scanned and uploaded on the Get Started page.

(2) Disclaimer - stating that we will get a 10-day payoff from lender and if there is negative equity then Carvenience requires a cashier check/certified funds for the negative portion and if there’s a equity then Carvenience would subtract loan amount (10 day) from the offer amount and that’s the amount of the check to seller.

(3) Disclaimer - funds transfer/payment takes place after title docs are perfected and new title released to Carvenience!

(4) Disclaimer - after seven-days the offer is invalid.

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