Sell your car for alternative transportation

Sell your car for alternative transportation

Have you ever considered selling your car for alternative transportation? It’s a big decision to make, but it is also one that can benefit you and make your life easier.

New statistics show that by 2025, the global urban population will account for nearly 60 percent of people living on earth. And big cities usually have great mass transit options for their residents, whether it be subways, buses, or elevated trains. With options like these, especially in the Atlanta area, selling your car and hitching a ride on the closest MARTA really is a SMARTA move. Here are three reasons how you can benefit:

Saving money

We’re all about saving money. Imagine selling your car and never worrying about car payments, insurance, or costly repairs. Count us in! When you sell your ride to Carvenience, you’ll get a great offer that’ll help you jump start your car-free lifestyle (and help you afford those taco Tuesdays again). Plus, some companies could even provide an incentive to ditch your ride for carpooling or public transportation, and you could be saying “sayonara” to paying for parking. With all this extra money, the possibilities are endless.

Improving the environment and your personal health

Did you know that transportation accounts for more than 30 percent of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions? And 88% of trips daily in the U.S. are made by cars carrying only one person. No wonder people spend an average of 46 hours a year sitting in traffic (that’s more than a normal work week)! By taking alternative transportation, you’ll help reduce global warming and air pollution. Plus, you’ll improve your own health by walking to and from the bus station, home, and the office. We truly care about helping and improving our community, which is why we donate $25 to a charity of your choice with every car purchase.

Having safe, reliable transportation

Safety is our top concern. And our care goes beyond making sure you have a safe experience selling your ride—we want you to be safe no matter what you’re doing, including traveling. Studies show that alternative transportation has helped cities reduce road fatalities by half. If this isn’t convincing enough, mass public transportation is regularly checked and maintained, so you’ll rarely have to worry about breaking down and being late to that really important meeting.

Ready to take the leap to a car-free, stress-free, and healthier lifestyle? Let’s get started!